June 2014

General Assembly Meeting of the AGFORWARD project

2-3 June 2014.  The first General Assembly Meeting of the AGFORWARD project, held at Cottbus in Germany, was attended by 50 delegates.   The Co-ordinator, Paul Burgess, gave a project update and introduced the AGFORWARD Project Administrator: Dr Kenisha Garnett.   This was primarily a working meeting including a focus on the best ways to implement the participative research and development networks.   Workgroups also focussed on the evaluation of agroforestry at a landscape scale and agroforestry policy.  The General Assembly was hosted by Prof Dirk Freese from the Brandenburg University of Technology with the support of Anja Chalmin employed by the European Agroforestry Federation.    The General Assembly was scheduled on the two days before the 2nd European Agroforestry Conference.