Best practice leaflets

Based on substantial field experience, Philippe Van Lerberghe with colleagues from the French Agroforestry Association, the World Agroforestry Centre and the other AGFORWARD partners has created 10 "Agroforestry Best Practice" leaflets.  Although the focus is on the successful establishment and management of  trees on arable farms, many of the practices are relevant to trees on livestock farms and agroforestry with permanent crops. We are aware that "best" practices need to take account of the specific local conditions, but we hope that these general guidelines are of use.

The first leaflet focuses on the importance of thinking through your objectives. Subsequent leaflets cover the selection of appropriate tree species and planting material; appropriate designs; land preparation; tree planting and protection, and weed control. The last leaflet focuses on the role of pruning to increase the value of wood being grown for timber.

Download all the best practice leaflets (8.9 MiB)