Farmer Research Groups

(Work-packages 2, 3, 4, and 5)

By December 2014, AGFORWARD had created 42 stakeholder groups to identify, develop, and field-test innovations that could improve the benefits and viability of agroforestry in Europe. Further groups are being created.


Each stakeholder group, usually situated in one country or region, is focusing on improving one of four types of agroforestry system:

  • Existing agroforestry systems of high nature and cultural value such as the Dehesa and Montado systems in Spain and Portugal and wood pastures and parkland in Germany and the UK (Work-package 2)
  • Integrating grazing or intercropping in high value tree systems including olives, fruit trees, and walnut and cherry grown for high value timber (Work-package 3)
  • Integrating trees into arable systems (Work-package 4)
  • Integrating trees in livestock systems (Work-package 5)

The focus of each group is described on the links below