The Objective 3 of the project is to evaluate and develop innovative and better adapted designs and practices for locations where agroforestry is currently not-practised or is declining. The overall purpose is to quantify the opportunities for uptake at landscape-scale.

A distinguishing feature of agroforestry practices and systems is that there is a wide range of possible tree, crop and livestock arrangements which cannot be simply addressed by experimentation within the constraints of a four-year project. Hence the adaptation and evaluation of the long-term implications of agroforestry practices are often most effectively achieved through the use of modelling tools.

Work-package 7 will evaluate possible agroforestry interventions at a landscape-scale within sample areas.

The milestones and deliverables of the landscape-scale evaluation include:

  • A synthesis report on European agroforestry performance in terms of biodiversity, ecosystem services and profitability (report now available)
  • A spatial characterisation of some sample landscapes (report now available).
  • A report on ecosystem services and profitability of selected agroforestry practices (report now available).
  • A report on profitability and provision of biodiversity and ecosystem services through agroforestry systems at a landscape scale (report now available).
  • A report comprising papers (and maps where appropriate) illustrating the consequences of the wider uptake of agroforestry by farmers in terms of profitability and ecosystem services (report now available)