Agroforestry for high value tree systems: Guidelines for farmers

This Deliverable within work-package 3 summarises and presents eleven “Agroforestry Innovation” leaflets that provide guidelines on agroforestry for high value tree systems. The relevant innovation leaflets are also available on the individual web-pages for each stakeholder group and on the Resources page of the AGFORWARD website.

Each leaflet addresses the effect of grazing or intercropping on the productivity and/or profitability of high value tree systems. The combined production of annual crops with tree crops can provide additional revenue and diversify the range of farm products. Annual revenues provided by, for example a marketable crop (e.g. Leaflet 22), can improve farm profitability whilst slowly-maturing trees reach maturity.

Planting leguminous species between trees can reduce nitrogen fertilizer costs and sometimes can enhance tree growth and production (e.g. Leaflets 16, 20, 21 and 22). Intercropping and grazing can also enhance carbon sequestration and reduce mowing or cultivation costs. In some conditions, intercropping and grazing can reduce the level of pests (e.g. Leaflets 18 and 23). The complications of combining the grazing or intercropping of tree crops with pesticide use, means that grazing and intercropping of tree crops is easier in system where there is no or minimal pesticide use. The successful introduction of intercrops or grazing to a high value tree systems can be profitable and successful, but it requires careful planning because, particularly in the case of grazing, some interventions are unsuccessful (Leaflet 25).

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