Ecosystem services and profitability of agroforestry practices

This Deliverable (which forms part of work-package 7 within the AGFORWARD project) will describe six pilot studies examining the ecosystem services and profitability of agroforestry practices. As of February 2018, five of the studies have been published as peer-reviewed scientific papers. The attached version of the report contains these five papers. The plan is that the remaining paper will be added once it has been peer-reviewed.

Fagerholm, N., Torralba, M., Kay, S., Herzog, F., García de Jalón, S., Hartel, T., Burgess, P.J. Plieninger, T. (2018). Ecosystem services and profitability of agroforestry practices. Deliverable 7.20 (7.2) for EU FP7 Research Project: AGFORWARD 613520. 12 February 2018. 126 pp.

The current version of report includes the following five papers:

  • García de Jalón S, Graves A, Moreno G, Palma JHN, Crous-Duran J, Kay S, Burgess PJ. (2018).Forage-SAFE: a model for assessing the impact of tree cover on wood pasture profitability. Ecological Modelling 372, 24–32.
  • Torralba M, Oteros-Rozas E, Moreno G, Plieninger T. (2018). Exploring the role of farm management in the co-production of ecosystem services in wood pastures. Rangeland Ecology & Management. Article in Press.
  • Fagerholm, N., Oteros-Rozas, E., Raymond, C.M., Torralba, M., Moreno, G., Plieninger, T. (2016). Assessing linkages between ecosystem services, land-use and well-being in an agroforestry landscape using public participation GIS. Applied Geography 74, 30-46.
  • Hartel, T., Réti, K.-O., Craioveanu, C. (2016). Valuing scattered trees from wood-pastures by farmers in a traditional rural region of Eastern Europe. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 236, 304-311.
  • Garrido, P., Elbakidze, M., Angelstam, P., Plieninger, T., Pulido, F., Moreno, G. (2017). Stakeholder perspectives of wood-pasture ecosystem services: A case study from Iberian dehesas. Land Use Policy 60, 324–333.