24 November 2017

On-line fodder tree database

Final conference Brussels

Boki Luske and colleagues at the Louis Bolk Institute, working with researchers across the AGFORWARD project, have updated the “Online fodder tree database for Europe” (Luske et al., 2017).

New records on the digestability, protein and tannin levels, and the macro- and micro-element concentrations in tree leaves have been added to the database. The database also includes direct links to cited literature sources. In total the database now contains more than 700 records from 100 tree species that are relevant for European conditions. The database allows selection of individual species, groups of species, and specific nutritional aspects of tree leaves.

Luske B., Meir I. van, Altinalmazis Kondylis A., Roelen S., Eekeren N. van (2017). Online fodder tree database for Europe. Louis Bolk Institute and Stichting Duinboeren, the Netherlands. 24 November 2017.  www.voederbomen.nl/nutritionalvalues/

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