Spatial characterization of sample landscapes

This milestone report (which forms part of work-package 7 within the AGFORWARD project) describes 12 socio-cultural catchments that have been selected to determine the effect of agroforestry on ecosystem services provision at the landscape scale. Within each of the 12 catchments across Europe, “agroforestry”, “agriculture”, and “forestry” landscape test sites of a defined size have been selected for detailed mapping and comparison of ecosystem services. This report specifically describes the location of the socio-cultural catchments and the location and land uses of the landscape test sites.


Moreno, G., Aviron, S., Burgess, P., Chouvardas, D., Crous-Durán, J., Ferreiro, N., Franchella, F., Francon-Smith, P., Hartel, T., Galanou, E., García de Jalón, S., Giralt Rueda, J.M., Juárez, E., Kay, S., Louviot, Q., Macicasan, V., Pantera, A., Petrucco, G., Santiago Freijanes, J.J., Szerencsits, E., Torralba, M., Viaud, V. (2017). Spatial characterization of sample landscapes. Milestone 33 (7.3) for EU FP7 Research Project: AGFORWARD 613520. January 2017. 53 pp.

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