Synthesis of the Research and Development Protocols related to Agroforestry with High Value Trees

This report is an output from work-package 3 which synthesises 13 research and development protocols focused on testing and improving innovations to promote agroforestry for high value tree systems. This includes the grazing and intercropping of fruit orchards and high value timber plantations. The individual protocols for each stakeholder group can be found on the web-page for the respective group. This report synthesises the research being undertaken in relation to production, management, environmental and socio-economic issues, with tables summarising the overall research programme.

Pantera A, Mosquera Losada MR, Ferreiro-Domínguez N, Fernández Lorenzo JL, González-Hernández P, Rigueiro Rodríguez A, Corroyer N, McAdam J, Rosati A, Moreno G, Graves A, and Burgess PJ (2015). Synthesis of the Research and Development protocols related to Agroforestry for High Value Tree Systems. Milestone Report 10 (3.3 for EU FP7 Research Project: AGFORWARD 613520. (2 October 2015). 10 pp