Synthesis of the Research and Development Protocols related to High Nature and Cultural Value Agroforestry

This report is an output from work-package 2 which synthesises ten research and development protocols focused on testing and improving innovations to promote agroforestry of high nature and cultural value. This mainly focuses on wood pasture systems but it also includes the hedgerow bocage system found in France. The individual protocols for each stakeholder group can be found on the web-page for the respective group. This report synthesises the research being undertaken in relation to tree products, tree regeneration, tree and hedgerow management, pasture understory products, pasture management and conservation, livestock management for trees and/or pasture conservation, branding of agroforestry products, and soil carbon measurements.

Moreno G, Aviron S, Berg S, Bertomeu M, Bustos P,Cáceres Y, Escribano M, Franca A, Gaspar P, Hartel T, Juárez E, Lind T, Mantzanas K, Mesías FJ, Mirck J, Pacheco Faias S, Palma JHN, Pantera A, Papadopoulos A, Papanastasis V, Paulo JA, Popa R, Porqueddu C, Pulido F, Rákosy L, Seddaiu G, Thenail C, Tomé M, Tsonkova P, Upson M, Valinger E, Varga A, Viaud A, Vityi A, Burgess PJ (2015). Synthesis of the Research and Development protocols related to High Nature and Cultural Value Agroforestry. Milestone Report 4 (2.3) for EU FP7 Research Project: AGFORWARD 613520. 16 October 2015. 22 pp