Web Application of Yield-SAFE and Farm-SAFE models

The original Farm-SAFE model was developed in 2006 as part of the European Union sponsored SAFE project (2001-2005) (Graves et al. 2011). The model was developed to compare arable, forestry and silvoarable systems across four areas of a farm in order to determine the feasibility of silvoarable systems on European farms. During the AGFORWARD project we have created an updated version (called Farm-SAFE_March17) which links Farm-SAFE to an on-line version of the Yield-SAFE biophysical model (van der Werf et al., 2007). It also links with the CliPick climate data set (Palma 2015).

Developments within the new model include the addition of new farm operations (e.g. short rotation coppice and fruit harvest) and an enhanced database of new systems (e.g. poplar short rotation coppice in Germany and cherry for fruit production in grassland in Switzerland, and organic silvoarable agroforestry with willow short rotation coppice in the UK).

The model can be downloaded from here.

Farm-SAFE_March17.zip (29.9 MiB)

Graves A, Palma J, Garcia de Jalon S, Crous-Duran J, Liagre F, Burgess PJ. (2017). Deliverable 9.27(9.3) Web-application of the Yield-SAFE and Farm-SAFE Model: Farm-SAFE_March17. Microsoft Excel worksheet model developed as part of the AGFORWARD project. 31 MB. March 2017.

If you have questions regarding the use of the model please contact Anil Graves (A.Graves@cranfield.ac.uk) or Silvestre Garcia de Jalon (s.garcia-de-jalon@cranfield.ac.uk).


Graves AR, Burgess PJ, Liagre F, Terreaux J-P, Borrel T, Dupraz C, Palma J, Herzog F (2011). Farm-SAFE: the process of developing a plot- and farm-scale model of arable, forestry and silvoarable economics. Agroforestry Systems 81: 93-108.

Palma JHN (2015). CliPick: Project Database of Pan-European Climate Data for Default Model Use. Milestone Report 26 (6.1) for EU FP7 Research Project: AGFORWARD 613520. 10 October 2015. 22 pp.

van der Werf W, Keesman K, Burgess PJ, Graves AR, Pilbeam D, Incoll LD, Metselaar K, Mayus M, Stappers R, van Keulen H, Palma J, Dupraz C (2007). Yield-SAFE: a parameter-sparse process-based dynamic model for predicting resource capture, growth and production in agroforestry systems. Ecological Engineering 29: 419-433.


Joao Palma, from the University of Lisboa explains us about agroforestry modelling and the work he leads during the agforward project.