Describing Agroforestry Systems for Livestock Farmers: A Summary

Eight stakeholder groups across Europe have produced system descriptions of the components, structure, ecosystem services, and economic value of selected agroforestry systems for livestock farmers. A synthesis of the reports is provided by Hermansen (2016).

Hermansen JE (2016). Agroforestry for Livestock Farmers: Synthesis of System Descriptions. Deliverable 5.13 (5.1)for EU FP7 Research Project: AGFORWARD 613520. 6 pp

The integration of trees with egg production is described for systems in the Netherlands (Bestman 2015) and the UK (Smith et al. 2016). The combination of trees with pig production is described for systems in Denmark (Kongsted and Hermansen 2015), in Italy (Bondesan 2015), and in Spain (Mosquera-Losada et al. 2016). The use of trees with cattle is described for systems in France (Novak and Emile 2015), the UK (Smith and Gerrard 2015), and the Netherlands (Luske 2015).