Agroforestry of high nature and cultural value: Guidelines for farmers

his Deliverable within work-package 2 summarises and presents 15 “Agroforestry Innovation” leaflets that describe management practices (tested during the AGFORWARD project) that can increase the profitability and/or ecological resilience of agroforestry systems of high nature and cultural value. The systems include wood pastures, including dehesas and montados, and hedge-rich landscapes. Each leaflet comprises two pages and provides a quick description of the innovation in a user-friendly format. The innovation leaflets are also available on the individual web-pages for each stakeholder group and on the Resources page of the AGFORWARD website.

The innovations include methods to increase fodder quality and yields in the grazing systems. Others describe the adaption of grazing schemes and GPS-based technologies to improve livestock management. There are also leaflets describing low-cost practices to either promote tree regeneration (where there are too few trees) or to reduce tree and shrub cover (if tree cover is too high). One leaflet describes the opportunities to promote products made from Valonia oak acorns. Lastly some leaflets describe how agroforestry systems can be managed to provision of ecosystem services.

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